who we are

a glance of what to expect

God’s Karoo Women promises to offer an encounter with God like no other, a Holy Spirit filled experience that often culminates into emotions of extreme joy, deep laughter, release, forgiveness, and restoring hope for the future. 

what the weekend holds

God’s Karoo Women is an annual conference for women of God,  that takes place in Willowmore over the first weekend in November from the Friday to the Sunday. The purpose of the conference is to honor God through praise and worship, sharing of testimony and uniting as women of God.  Our conference welcomes day visitors. Camping on the showgrounds is hugely popular with campers, who pitch their tents for the weekend, if camping is not for you, Willowmore offers various accommodation facilities. The Sunday is considered a family day, we offer a a FREE family service where men and children are welcome to join.

This year all COVID-19 regulations will be observed and adhered to. Please book early as seating will be limited. 

Our conference offers a number of guest speakers, praise and worship and an opportunity to deliver your own testimony.  

Baptism is one of the two sacraments, the other being Holy Communion. In a sacrament, God uses common elements — in this case, water — as a vehicle of divine grace. It is a symbol of rebirth and repentance by one who has accepted Christ and has repented of their sins. Should the Holy Spirit lead you to be baptized we offer the service of baptism during the weekend.   

We offer limited food stalls on the showgrounds, but Willowmore has plenty of coffee shops/restaurants and supermarkets to offer. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinksc

our history

In 1997 Amour Strydom had a vision and a dream, she felt called to offer a women’s conference. She cherished and kept her dream and vision in her heart, waiting on GOD to show her the way. GOD knew her heart’s deep desire. He stayed true to His word and crossed her path with two dynamic women.  1 woman’s dream became 3 women’s passion and conviction.  Together with GOD’s guidance, love and support, of many others the first God’s Karoo Women was born in 2015, Willowmore. 1 woman became 1000’s of women. To God be the glory, our Guide and Protector. The verse: “This is my desire to honor you, Lord” Rev. 7:12″  will stay God’s Karoo Women’s core reason for existence forever and more. 

God opened new doors for Amour in Robertson, God’s Karoo Women would like to thank her for her guidance, dedication and the  love towards the conference and the many women that has attended in the past. We wish her well in her new ventures, God’s richest blessings.  

Extraordinary Experiences

Our vision is to encourage women to love and know their identity and to live in unity. 

Equipping women to get to know their Abba Father, go deeper and soar higher. We want to empower women to answer to the call of God in their lives. 

Our Core Values

We are inspired by CHRISTIAN FAITH, and we continue to be shaped by CHRIST’s image as our core values: