Guest Speakers

our program is cancelled

meet our Guest speakers

It is with a heavy heart that we have to cancel our conference for 2021. please support these amazing speakers and worship leaders during these unprecidented and difficult times.

We are united in prayer for the return of God’s Karoo Womens Conference in 2022. We are anticipating a weekend filled with an abundance of emotional and spiritual restore. 

praise and worship

Carinde has been part of the Christian band Onbeskaamd since 2007. She is also a motivational speaker, performs solo at ladies events and conferences. When she does not perform on stage she is involved with their family business.  


Is a motivational speaker, writer and radio presenter on 104FM in the Western Cape.  Benescke has published 6 books, her Facebook page, Stories van Hoop shares inspirational stories across the world.  She has a passion and talent to present and share God’s word in a creative and relevant way to reach out to the man on the street. 


Lynette Beer, who is inspired to best use her talents and fulfill her life purpose through helping to unlock true human power and potential. A watershed moment occurred when she realized that the alpha and omega of almost every single human issue, are relationships. To be content personally, and to be successful professionally, you must firstly have a healthy relationship with yourself, and secondly, have the ability to develop symbiotic relationships with others.

praise and worship / speaker

Retief Burger is a worshiper in his whole being, because he is such a genuine person his modern music touches a wide range of people. Not only is he a whisper leader, but firmly believes that it is God’s calling to lead people to the heart of the Father. It is his passion to make disciples of man in honor of God. Retief is not only song writer and singer but also an author of 2 books. He is also a full time preacher at Every Nation Tswhane, where he lives his passion for the church, God and the nation.